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May 9th, 2006, 06:11 AM
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I just spoke to my step MIL and begged her to help me out ....

Missy goes to school and complains that she hates me and really as far as I'm concerned there's nothing wrong with us

She has parents' day later in May and I begged my inlaws to please go for me since I've been warned about taking more timeoff from work and I know I still have to do that cause of health problems.

I want someone else to hear what missy tells her guidance counsellor ... that the world is against her and that I dont let her do anything and that she hates me even though she cant give specifics.

Its not only that .... my entire family on my side thinks I'm an embarrassment ... I've been told that to my face ...

I try to go on but I really dunno how much more I can or cannot take at this particular moment

Is anything really worth it?

I have one kid who would spit on me and everyone else and another who tells me he loves me every minute he gets .... if not for the loving kid I would think it would be all my fault and I did something wrong

I had to make sandwiches today cause I have no money .... I don't like having to be like this at all.

I just want it to end .... not bad ... just get better at least ... is that too much to ask?

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