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December 7th, 2009, 02:14 PM
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I bought this bedding for a baby I lost, so it's been opening but never used or really touched at all, a year later I'm ready to sell it and buy something new for the new baby I'm expecting
It's got the four piece packaged set, with crib bumpers, quilt, dust ruffle, fitted sheet that I bought for $350 but now retails about $275.

I also have:
  • Two extra fitted sheets- $32.99 each
  • Crib Mobile- $34.99

In addition I bought glitter flowers that are purple look really cute with it if anyone wants them. They look kind of like this but don't have dots.

I haven't really thought much about what to sell it for so I guess whoever can make the first best offer or something like that. Wouldn't mind selling in pieces but would love to just sell the whole set.

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