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December 9th, 2009, 11:22 AM
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Develop your childs understanding of object permanence by teaching him/her to follow the movement of an object as it is moved from one hiding place to another

step 1

show your child one of his favorite toys. as soon as he reaches out to grab it, cover the toy partially and encourage him him to try and find it. use a cloth in a solid colour. repeat several times.
it is important to use one of your childs favorite toys. you may also use a box or pillowcase to hide the toy.

step 2
show your child a toy. this time when he reaches for it, cover both the toy and his hand completely with the cloth. encourage him to look for the toy.
repeat several times.

step 3
put a toy on the floor. as your child reaches for it, cover only the toy, not his hand. ask him to find the toy.
repeat several times.

step 4
put the cloth you have been using up until now, on the floor to your childs left and place another cloth of a different colour on the floor to his right.
(make sure its a solid colour, a multi coloured one might distract your child). now hide the toy underneath the new cloth. see if he still looks for his toy under the first cloth, or whether he is able to act on what he has just perceived with his eyes.
repeat many times, alternating which cloth you hide the toy under.
step 5
add a third cloth of a different colour(also a solid colour). hide the toy about 5 to 7 times under one cloth in no particular order. encourage your child to find it.

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