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December 9th, 2009, 03:46 PM
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Hi everyone! I was just wondering how many here have used or are using vistaril to relax their uterus?

My doctor just prescribed me this, because last night I was having contracts, the most being 3 in an hour..The contractions subsided for the most part, but I've still been left with achey cramps in my lower abdomen and back.. Its not awful, just more of an uncomfortable ache.. He prescribed this through a phone consultation and told me if my acheyness/cramps don't go away within 4 hours of taking the medication to go to labor and delivery to be evaluated...

Some background, I am 22wks1day pregnant, I have a cerclage, and I also have marginal placenta previa.. I am on bed rest, and well, your usual high-risk routine.

I was just wondering who has used this, if it has helped, and what sort of effects I could expect? I read that it causes drowsiness.. I am so leary of taking medications while pregnant, I absolutely hate it
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