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December 12th, 2009, 09:29 AM
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So my fourteen year old sister totally crashes her computer and wants to play WOW on mine all night. Okay, fine. Whatever. I get up this morning to check JM...

And everything is gone.

Eden's Christmas pictures, my bookmarks, my $300 worth of iTunes purchases, and worst of all, these fairy-tales I was writing, for my daughter, so I could make her her very own personalized fairy-tales book, complete with little paintings. I had seven stories written from different legends. I've been writing them since before she was born. And now? Gone. She's even uninstalled Word!

I am ******* livid. Absolutely mother-****** livid.

My mother and grandmother think I have no reason to be angry.

Opinions: Is 14 years old, old enough to know the VERY BASIC forms of RESPECT?

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