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April 13th, 2005, 07:54 PM
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Well I just thought I'd toss my hat in.
I've been in remisson from CML for about three years but was still on my drugs to keep it that way. So that puts me in the High Risk becuase I go off the meds keeping the cancer gone to have the baby, allowing the cancer a window to sneak back if it wants.
It's alittle scary, I was happy to find this site.
There is also the one month I was still on my meds before I knew the little one was there. Gleevec does bad things to rats babies but no one knows what it realy does to people babies.
Hopeing the drugs left the baby alone.

I'm only 6 or 7 weeks along and so far my biggest complaint is realy realy sore boobs. *prays it stays that way* but I have monthly trips to the Doc to get my cancer counts checked and I'll post those results as they come in.

Remember, there is always research going on, there is always hope!
Most important... if your Doctor for you and your babies special needs doesn't make you feel that hope, your the boss!! Get referals to others that make you feel that hope and never be compleatly satisfied with the words "Thats all we can do."
Doing this cancer thing for four years and thats my best advice to us all.

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