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December 13th, 2009, 07:17 AM
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Okay It was the 29th December but I was doing extra classes at school because id miss so much when I was off. Luke was doing the same, as were a lot of other people in my year who were failing, I was 29 weeks and thought i'd be fine doing extra classes because I wasnt due to finish school til February anyway.

I cant remember much of my labour. At 29 weeks pregnant I was at school and my waters broke. I was really scared because my waters had a lot of blood in there. My school nurse called an ambulance while I was screaming hysterically down the corridor for someone to fetch Lucas from his class. In the end the lessons finished and word had got around that I was in labour and the school nurse wouldnt let him through ! I am still to this day really annoyed. When the ambulance finally got to my school it seemed like an hour, but actualy it was more like 10 mins Luke had managed to convince the school nurse that he should be there with me. I remember just sobbing on the floor, my head in his lap, telling him i'm sorry that Im having this baby so early, that its all my fault and if anything happens to this baby I would understad if he left me because I was such a failure. I remember his face, it looked like his heart had been torn out and scattered into pieces. He was crying telling me everything would be okay.
The paramedics were amazing. They told me to calm down and my school nurse told them what happened. They got me on the gas and air straight way and asked the school to call my parents to meet us at the hospital. This was about 2:30. I was on gas and air until I got to the hospital and from thwn on my memory is a bit sketchy, acfording to Luke I kept slipping in and out of conciousness and in the end they put me under a general anastetic because it would be more helpful for me and the baby so I wouldnt let my baby feel the stress or something. I was about 2cm dialated.
My parents got there and they had to sign a form giving them permission to give me an emergancy c-section because it was too risky for me and my baby to let me deliever naturally and because I was under 16 they had to sign the forms s
for the consent.
I was one of the youngest mothers to ever have a c-section at my hospital. My daughter was born at 4:21pm on the 29th December 2006. I woke up at 6:25 to be told she was having trouble breathing when she was born and was took straight to ICU. She weighed 1lb 2 oz.
It ws one of the worst expirences of my life and we havent found out to this day why I went into labour early and why I lost blood when my waters broke. Im scared the same might happen with this one but hopefully it wont!
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