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December 13th, 2009, 11:36 PM
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Just to fuel your anger...

According to data analysis, Surrey is just one part of the country that exhibits a significant deviation in the standard boy-girl ratio. Further evidence, including interviews with doctors and clinic workers, suggests a plausible reason: sex-selection abortions. Canadians are deliberately terminating pregnancies where a girl is expected, in hopes of having boys.

It's a practice that's common in certain countries and cultures, but it's never been reported on here. In China, the one-child policy in place since 1979 has highlighted the cultural sexism there, as millions of parents are careful to ensure that their one permitted child is male. The result: In China, there are now an estimated 80 women for every 100 men.
Canada's missing daughters
There is tons more information in this article that is worth reading.. Awful, isn't it?
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