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December 14th, 2009, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Kelllilee View Post
how is baby doing?

She's doing good. Going through her 3-week growth spurt which has been rough, but we're surviving.

Are you breastfeeding? How is that going?

great! Having no problems there

How are you adapting to another baby?

Pretty well... the other two girls are acting up more than usual and that's been really stressful, but overall its been an easy transition.

Share a picture of your baby!!
this was from last weekend, haven't gotten any this week cause we've had a cranky baby...

and about 2 weeks ago

Oh my what a sweet photo! I am glad baby and mama are doing well!
Originally Posted by catherineclare View Post
how is baby doing? Ben is doing great! Growing like a weed and more and more of his personality comes out every day

Are you breastfeeding? How is that going? Oh yes! Breastfeeding is going well. He is a very efficient eater so I'm not tied to the couch as much as I was with my first son.

How are you adapting to another baby? Adapting wonderfully. I have a big gap between kiddos (10 yrs) but things are going great. My older son has no jealousy issues and helps any way he can which is awesome. I feel so much more balanced now with having a second child. It's weird, but since the moment he was born we all feel like he's been with us forever. There hasn't been a breaking in period..we sort of can't remember life without him.

*I don't have a photbucket account or whatever it takes to put pics on here, but he's in my avatar.
Glad to hear all is going so good with you as well!

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