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December 14th, 2009, 04:29 PM
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With the first, it was a lot worse. My mom was freaked out, but at least willing to hear about it, and by the time we had Rowan she was very supportive. Dh's family was terrified, but at least had the decency to allow us to make our own decision. The worst came from my "best friend" and neighbor, who decided that what I was doing was dangerous. I showed her the same research that I'd shown everyone else who asked, but she told me that she'd done her own research and by choosing to have my kid at home I was automatically this awful parent, and if I went through with it she'd have no choice but to call CPS. I told her that was fine if that's what she felt she had to do, and unfortunately that was the last time we spoke... It was weird.

I think a lot of people I know came around after my son's birth went so well. And now with this one, everyone knows that I'd rather have my babies in an alligator pit than go to the hospital, and they seem to humor my "eccentricity".

I do still get people that say weird things- they just don't quite get it, but it's rarely bothersome. Just kind of funny.
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