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December 14th, 2009, 05:47 PM
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Praise the Lord... overall the appt went really well. We still have to discuss which option we want to go with, if we continue with MA, but our options are:
  • Another cycle of Clomid & an HCG shot with u/s monitoring of course
  • Injectables
He will actually go up to 200 mg Clomid & doesn't see a problem with that. I did ask about Femera & he said that he quit using it his practice years ago. He just doesn't feel that it is better than or even comparable to Clomid. Honestly, I was kinda hoping to try Femera but at this RE, it ain't gonna happen. He's probably not as open-minded as I would have hoped (i.e. Femera) but he seemed okay. I wasn't just totally thrilled with him but not discouraged either. He did say that I get bonus points & may even get the "favorite patient of the year" award b/c I had copies of charts, past lab work, the works in my binder that I carried with me. He really loved all that!

The good news... he said that he thought we have a good chance at getting pg b/c:
  1. I'm young... 32
  2. DH's S/A that was done a few months ago was good &
  3. I got pg with Clomid just a few months ago
He did take some blood & is checking my TSH (I'm hypo so he just wants to see how it looks currently) & my progesterone. I know he's running a few more tests but those are the main 2 he wants to check on my right now. I have a follow-up appt next week to discuss those results.

So now we have to check with the insurance & see what they cover & make a choice... another cycle of Clomid, adding the HCG shot or be more aggressive with Injectables. He did give me hope that *maybe* my insurance might cover some of the cost of injectables since they apparently covered some of the cost of Clomid. I only know that I payed $10 for Clomid but of course it was generic.

Also, the appt (& homeschooling) is why I have been MIA most of the day & I know I have a busy few days ahead of me. So I'm not ignoring the board... I will come back & post/reply but I am just swamped right now but wanted to come in & update you on the appt.

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