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December 15th, 2009, 07:17 AM
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On Thursday December 10th, 2009 around 7am my water broke, I called my doctor immediatley he told me that the hospital he delivers at was full there was no room for anymore preterm babies! I was told to go directly to the Women's Hospital instead.
I arrived at the Womens Hospital around 7:30, they hooked me up to the monitors and checked my group b strep .... I had it ( I started getting nervous but they started anti biotics via iv immediatley). They checked my cervix and I was now 5 cm dilated and having regular contractions every 5-6 minutes! They started getting me ready for a csection and looking for a bed for the baby, their hospital was almost full also and there were 7 of us in labour ot once all preterm!
We sat in the triage department till 6:30 pm. Very long stressful day, and I hadnt eaten anything or drank anything all day since I was having a c section and I was just starting to get cranky !
We got to the floor where we would be having the c section they gave us a tv and some movies and asked us just to wait! All of a sudden a nurse came in and said o your not ready yet???? I had been there almost 12 hours and they had forgotten to get my ted stockings out for me and a few other things that got done real wuick the anastheologist came in for a quick 5 minute chat and then the nicu doc came in, told us to relax no worries he wasn't too worried about the baby, the only thing they were concerned with was that she was only around 5 lbs and was small.

7:05 comes and my mother shows up at the hospital! I had asked that no one be there for our babies birth we wanted the moment to ourselves so having her just show up like this really p'od myself and my dh! But we decided not to fight about it we were so close to having our baby and both of us were starting to get a lil worried...... and anxious .
They wheel me in to the operating room and start my spinal ( which is not half as bad as I thought it would be)... once I was numb and my dh was in the room they starting the surgery, within minutes they said ok we're done all the incisions, I looked at dh and he was looking a lil quesy at this point. Then we here this weird sound and then screaming!! Mia came out kicking and screaming!!!!!

Mia was brought over to us for like half a minute and then whisked away by nicu team..... She was brought back to us within 1/2 an hour, turns out she is perfectly fine just small and they didnt need nicu there after all!~ She is staying in the intermediate care unit and just needs to gain a lil weight and control her body temperature better before she can come home
Mia weighed 5lbs even and her height is 16 inches!
Having Mia has been an amazing experience and we are so anxious to bring her home! Having a newborn baby in IMCN and watching your big burly husband hold this tiny baby is an experience I can't describe ! I have fallen in love with him all over again in a new way!!!!


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