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December 15th, 2009, 10:18 AM
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Well, I agree with everybody else - it is horrible. I must say though, it does not surprise me in the least. We live a world where human life is not valued. People have abortions all the time if their child is not "perfect" and these women just see a baby boy as being better or more valuable than a baby girl. We also live in a society where there is pressure to only have one or two children and so it follows that people would not want to "waste" their one and only child on a baby who would not be "perfect" in their eyes. Seriously - does that really surprise any of you? It is just as horrifying to me a woman would abort a baby with down syndrome.
That breaks my heart. My little sister has Downs. I can't imagine her not being here just because of her genetic make-up. And for it to actually be ONLY gender oriented in the OP makes me SICK. Honestly, truthfully, SICK.
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