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December 15th, 2009, 12:16 PM
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I get no rest in a hospital! With my first they kept asking me if I wanted to stay an extra day....uh, hello, I would like to get home so I can actually sleep!

Ok..annoying things people said about my homebirth...let me think. Oh yeah, I had one ask me what they would do in the event of an emergency. I told him that I signed a contract with my midwife saying if she says I have to go to the hospital then I agree to go. His response 'But would you?'....UH, yeah, I'm just gonna stay home and let my child or myself die.

Then one of my grandmothers who is the type you wonder how she ever had kids asked me why I was going to that woman for my prenatal care and not a real doctor. When I explained why and how I was having Ben at home she then said 'Well, what are they going to give you for the pain?' My response 'Nothing, I'll be at home.' Her response 'But what are they gonna give you for the pain?'. Picture this in a really whining voice..LOL.

Oh and I guy that works for my hubby jokingly asked my husband to take pictures of the aftermess.... That was just weird even in jest.

Most people just know to shut their mouths around me though!
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