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May 10th, 2006, 09:55 PM
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You poor soul. As if the world isnt tuff enuff to live in without the people you need the most not supporting you. If you ever need a 'virtual shoulder' to cry on, please feel free to PM me and vent all you want. There is nothing worse than having no one to open up to. Just remember to sort out one thing at a time and don't overwhelme yourself more than you need to.

Take care buddy![/b]
ty everyone ... I just did the test and ................... I'm ................... NOT!

one less thing to worry about .... they can continue to call me the usual names now lol

xxx Lisa xxx

I completely agree with all the girls responses... Aww Lisa!?!?! I wish I could do more but please feel free to pm me anytime.
(Cherii ~ I love that blinkie!!)
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