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December 17th, 2009, 08:46 AM
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Monday morning I was scheduled for a NST at 7:50 am. We had the NST done then headed into an exam room to wait to see the doctor. As I went to lay down on the table my water broke (8:45 am) about funny. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I of course say Matthew hun I think my water just broke. He peaks out the door and grabs a nurse who makes me get undressed. The doctor comes in and goes yes dear your water definately did break. We are going to send you straight to L and D. My doctors office is connected to the women and babies hospital. So I get wheeled over there and checked in.
I get all set up in my L and D room around 10 I believe it was. They got me all hooked up and said I was having contractions but nothing substantial which I knew because I couldn't feel them. Around 12 my midwife said we're going to start you on pitocin since your not progressing and because of my high BP. She started pitocin around 12:30 at first it wasn't too bad my contractions picked up but nothing I couldnt handle. I was checked at 1:30 and 3cm, completely thinned out and 0 station. By 2they were hard core I thought I was going to die contractions. They were already 2-3 minutes apart lasting up to 90 seconds. I sucked it up until about 4 and finally caved and asked for my epi. I had my epi by 4:30 and it was heaven. I had the perfect epi. So I of course continued to have contractions but it was more pressure than anything. They finally had to decrease my pitocin because I was having 6 contractions every 10 minutes and they only wanted me to have 4-5.
Around 7:30 I was checked again by my midwife and she goes well your 9 cm nad +3 station were ready to start pushing within the hour. Of course I just sent DH to go get something to eat since he hadnt eaten all day. I call him and say hun get back here NOW.
I started pushing at 8:19 pm and Payton was born at 8:32 pm. So 13 minutes of pushing wasnt too
Payton Elizabeth came out with her eyes wide open checking out everything.
She weighed 8lbs 4oz
21 inches long
12-14-09 8:32 pm
scored a 9 on Apgar
I would do it all over again in all honesty labor was easy compared to what I thought it was going to be. I was quite proud of myself. DH was abslutely amazing through the entire day.


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