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December 17th, 2009, 02:44 PM
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I got a midwife this time, yay!! I have my first appt on the 4th. I want a water birth so bad. I know it doesnt compare, but when I had a really bad kidney infection, I went in the bathtub and it killed the pain. Gone. When I got out of the water, the pain came back so fast. So, water IS a natural pain killer. For labour, Im sure it doesnt kill ALL the pain, but Im sure it helps a lot Labour sucks lol.

Anyways, I have a friend thats had two homebirths, both in different cities. I told her that I have a midwife this time and I want a waterbirth. She told me I won't get one because they aren't safe and midwives don't do them. Im in a different city than her. So now I'm all paranoid I wont get one, this is my last baby, I dont know, so what could I do or say if the midwife says she doesnt do them? If I was 8weeks like I orgianally thought instead of 5 weeks I wouldnt have gotten a midwife, so I dont think there are many. Oh, I also have to go to the town where the hospital is cuase there isnt an OB at the hospital here. Im hoping its a birth center, I'll have to find out on the 4th. Sorry for rambling

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