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December 18th, 2009, 04:11 PM
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Birth Kit Supply List-

* 1 Scrub brush, povidone
* 15 Underpads, Light Absorbency, 23 x 24”
* 10 Underpads, Moderate Absorbency, 23" x 36"
* 5 Underpads, Heavy Absorbency, 23" x 36"
* 12-16 non-sterile gloves (more if 1st baby)
* 6 sterile pair gloves (medium vinyl)
* 3 lube jelly, 3 grams, sterile
* 10 cotton gauze 4x4-12 ply sponges (2/pkg)
* 1 Bulb Syringe, 3 oz
* 1 Baby hat
* 2 1-gallon ziploc bags
* 1 homeopathic arnica, 200C
* 1 cord ring
* 1 paper tape measure
* 1 Perineal Irrigation Bottle (Peri-bottle) for each bathroom, Plus 1 Peri-bottle for your oil:
* 2 Mesh briefs
Women who are RH- should order 2 Eldon cards for blood typing.

House hold items to have on hand-

9x13 or 10x14 metal cake pan or plastic container for carrying our instruments
• 2+ large plastic trash bags
• 2 sets of clean sheets. (these will go on your bed, if not already there, with plastic between)
• Pitcher or large jar for comfrey rinse (2 quart size)
• 2 quart pan with lid (for ginger)
• 2 to 4 quart pan (spaghetti noodle cooking size is best), with lid (for comfrey)
• 3-4 sandwich baggies’ full of crushed ice for ice packs (optional, we can help)
• Crock pot for ginger compresses
• 6-10 wash cloths for compresses
• Grater for ginger

• Sharp scissors to cut cheese cloth into hankie size squares
• Flashlight with fresh batteries
• 6-10 big towels if you are planning a water birth
• Heating pad, hot water bottle, or both (to warm mama, baby blankets and baby)
• A new Kleenex box or roll of toilet paper
• Paper towels, 1 roll
• 1-2 large bowl(s) for the placenta, and if nauseous in labor
• Several bottles of your favorite electrolyte drink, Recharge is a good choice
• Nutritious food for you and your family, for three days at least.

Things for Postpartum

• Several prepared meals in your freezer
• Nursing pillow or extra pillows
• Lansinoh breast cream (especially for first-time moms or redheads)
• Breast pump, if you will be returning to work soon after the birth

Things for Fluff

• Candles
• Favorite music
• Massage oil or lotion
• Camera, video camera, film, extra batteries, extra memory card

Items for Waterbirth

• Waterbirth tub
• Waterbirth upgrade, purchased online (Radiant Belly)
• New hose for filling the pool
• Connector for hose to fix it to kitchen or bathroom faucet
• 10 clean towels, bathrobe
• Plastic tarp for the floor under the tub
• Fish net for scooping stool out of the tub
• 2-3 Stock pots to heat water on the stove when the water heater runs cold
• 2 wash pans or buckets- one for washing feet before entry and one to pee in.

There are several websites with already made birth kits, here are a few of the sites-

Birth Kits & Home Birth Supplies
Midwifery Mercantile ~ Midwife Supplies, Home Birth Kits, Fetoscopes, Dopplers, Birth Pools, Midwifery Herbs and More!
In His Hands Birth Supply / pregnancy herbs, natural child birth, child labor and delivery
Everything Birth, Inc
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