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December 19th, 2009, 11:44 AM
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My last labor was 4 hours total, and only about an hour of it was serious... I tried talking to my midwife about it because she's about a half an hour away with good roads, but she kind of brushed it off... wasn't real happy bout that.

I just have this picture in my head of being home with my two year old and my husband is at work, and I'm supposed to be getting my daughter off the bus, but instead I'm surprise pushing out a baby so fast I can't even get to the phone... scares the crud out of me, but no one seems to want to take me seriously.

But I guess if it's just dh and me, we have the birth kit here, and he has his bare bones "How to deliver a baby" instructions, which are- 1) Catch the baby. 2) Make sure the baby is breathing. Guess that will have to do.
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