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December 19th, 2009, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Twinkle View Post
You can certainly do it! Trust yourself and trust birth. I had pitocin contractions with my first birth and it was far worse than any natural labor contractions. Teresa is right, labor hurts no matter what, but what pitocin did to me was ridiculous... no breaks between contractions whatsoever. With my natural labors I had a couple minutes in between contractions, and I LIVED for those brief moments of peace. Kellliee is also right, that being in your own home makes a world of difference as well. Being in my own comfortable environment helped with the pain and discomfort as well. Lots of hugs to you. What you are feeling is sooo normal. I went through a phase during my pregnancy where I questioned my choices as well, I think its normal for us to do that.
DITTO to everything Twinkle said! I still to this day remember my pitocin, never ending, no break, doubling me over pitocin contractions. I just wanted to cry through them natural home birth labor contractions hurt, but I genuinly don't remember them..LOL. I had a break between them and during those breaks I was chatting with everyone around me. I had a very painful labor this time around, but it was due to a cervical lip, baby not descending because his hand was by his head and cord wrapped around his neck, so my midwife literally had to hold open my cervix with almost her whole hand, the entire time, BUT I got through it...and when it was done, it was done and I was laughing.

You can do this!!! It's normal to get those nerves right before, but just keep telling yourself that your body was made to do this...naturally, with no drugs. Good will be a truly amazing experience you will never forget
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