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December 20th, 2009, 12:19 PM
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I never thought about this with Nola. Kailey was born in the hospital with the same MW... For both births she came over as soon as I called her. She was going to leave to another appt. when I was pregnant with Kailey and laboring at home. My mom was excited and wanted me to be checked before my MW left...We didn't think I was far at all because it was the easiest funnest labor ever... well I was 7cm so needless to say she didn't leave.

With Nola I had pre-labor for about 24hrs or something (my birth story is around here somewhere) and it still never occurred to me what would happen if my MW wasn't there... I was completely comfortable delivering myself.

I'm thinking we will do a UC next time because I only have 2 options of MW where I am at... my previous one who I don't click with like I want, and another one who is a lay midwife and I don't click with her either. I think I can convince DH to do a UC because we live literally across the street from the hospital.

Whenever I've researched birth I guess I've always done it with the mindset of doing it myself so I feel pretty comfortable. It's just never been a worry of mine. We'll see what I say when I get preggo again and have to do it by myself - I'm sure I'll be scared to death. LOL!
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