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December 20th, 2009, 02:33 PM
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So Everything was going good at 20 weeks, when i got my first ultrasound. My daughter was measuring fine and I wasnt due for another ultrasound unless i paid for one. Well I decided I wanted the 4D ultrasound and went in in Dec 2nd, sooo exited to see what my baby looks like at 29 weeks 3 days, she was adorable and weighing in at 2 lb 6 oz. Well, she had told me to come in next week because she felt she could get some better shots.. so i did. They next weeks, 30 weeks 3 days, she weighed in at 2 lb 10 oz, and well, then she told me she was worried, and that the normal baby at this time should be like 3.5 lbs and she was quite a bit behind. I came back in a week later for an official anatomy scan, since that one i had paid for she couldnt technically tell me there was somethign wrong.. So we did that one and she was 31 weeks 3 days and 2 lb 9 oz.. she said give or take an ounce, she still hasnt grown, and she placed me on full bedrest. I told her that was impossible because i have to take care of myself, and well the lady i live with smokes in the house and told me to ya know stick it wwhere the sun dont shine when i asked her not to.. So, they gave me a steroid shot called betamethasone last tues and wed, and just told me that it was a precautionary thing that they do to pump up her lungs..

Anywho, I guess my question is, is that I have been doing some research, and well I have never heard of anyone getting this steroid shot unless preterm labor has started and they need it to work within 24-48 hrs, and/or they think that delivery may happen within 7 days of injection. Im confused and they arent telling me anything. I have frequent braxton hicks ya know, but thats all they said it was.. Anyone else been thru this before?
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