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December 21st, 2009, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by teresarunningmommy View Post
Congratulations and welcome to the board! I would educate yourself as much as you can on the warning signs of problems and educate dh as well and have a good plan in place for an emergency. I'd also start reading as much as you can on homeopathic ways to treat your high blood pressure which I am sure you are already doing. I don't think you are selfish. I personally wouldn't go unassisted because I have a strong history of hemorrhaging, but I do believe it is ultimately your choice what to do and I know there are a lot of girls here have gone unassisted so hopefully they can help you better with what to do and how to prepare. I wish you the best with your homebirth and welcome to the board!
Thanks. I'm seeing an OB for my prenatal care. I haven't told her my home birth plans and I don't plan to. I'm afraid she'd drop me and then I wouldn't have an OB within a 50 mile radius to see.

My OB has me on bed rest because of my blood pressure. I'll see at my appointment today if it is helping at all. If its still high I will likely be put on medication. My BP only goes up when I move around a lot, so hopefully the bed rest helps.

Also, I'm studying to be a nurse so I'm working hard to make sure DH and myself are well educated on home birth when the time comes. I'm going to be ordering some books off Amazon very soon, including one that's completely devoted to emergency childbirth scenarios. As I mentioned before we only live a couple miles from the hospital so if something did happen we could get there in time.

I guess I'm not worried so much about the labor as I am about getting there because of my blood pressure. I'm confident that my body will know what to do once labor starts.
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