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December 21st, 2009, 08:07 AM
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You all know I had surgery in November, I still can't drive & stuff, and if I do, I'm not really suppose to lift anything heavy (strollers, kids, the whole 9). I sent the school for special ed. the medical documents necessary to let them know that their services (based on my medical needs) had to be changed to the home (my home that is). I was told that this wouldn't be an issue & no one has even contacted me about it. I don't know if they're assuming that I don't need it or that it's not an option. I was told "send me the documents, I'll take care of everything else"... but nothing has been related to me. I'm definitely not ready for "company"... but I want to know that we're still going to receive services.

The answer, call them. Yeah... I know.

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