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December 21st, 2009, 04:02 PM
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congrats, I didn't realize that you got pregnant again, so fast!!!

My midwife doesn't do any ultrasounds, she recommends none. We are going to do one after 20 weeks. She also doesn't use a doppler. She has one, but she doesn't like to use it. I am 10 weeks and have not heard the heartbeat.

the thing about a doppler is it's actually potentially more harmful and disruptive for the baby because it's concentrated and it's constant, where ultrasound pulses the sonar.

I am finding out more and more about ultrasound and not liking what I find out. It worries me that I had 3 u/s with my daughter. If anything ever goes wrong I will blame myself and always suspect the ultrasounds. I didn't know at the time.

It's hard not to "know" everything is ok, I understand. I would love to hear the heartbeat, see the baby. Your midwife might be different, I don't know.

here is one article I have. I am going to post the ones I have soon on the NCB board, when I read through them all. I will X-post them here.

basically my midwife is writing a new book (she wrote silent knife and another book on VBAC and I guess she coined the phrase) and she interviewed one of the men who brought ultrasound technology to pregnancy. he said it was never intended for routine and frequent use, and thathe won't let his two grandaughters -who are now at the age where they could have babies- have any when they are pregnant.

Ultrasound Scans- cause for concern
of course we all have to make our own decisions on what we feel comfortable with and what we feel is best for us.
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