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December 22nd, 2009, 12:52 PM
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So I had a follow up RE appt today & guess what... I actually Oed last cycle (according to my progesterone (16.4))! Huh?!? Are you serious??? So as you can imagine... I'm thoroughly confused.

For those that don't already know, a quick recap (according to my OB successful O is when the progesterone is above 12)...
  1. Unmedicated, progesterone on day 23 - 6.5.
  2. 50 mg Clomid, progesterone on day 22 - 13.5
  3. 50 mg Clomid, progesterone on day 24 - 4.6
  4. 100 mg Clomid, progesterone on day 23 - 17: Got pg but m/c-ed!
  5. 100 mg Clomid, progesterone on day 23 - 8.4
  6. 150 mg Clomid, progesterone on day 23 - 4.4
  7. Unmedicated, progesterone on day 22 - 16.4 (I Oed late on CD 15 or early on CD 16 & we DTD on CD 12 so I could have gotten pg but we didn't... AF showed this past Saturday).
Oh & BTW, TSH is 0.03 & the RE said that he has never had any experience with Armour. Why do I have to go through this! Ugggghhhhh! Very few dr's know ANYTHING about Free T3... he didn't even test it... only tested TSH & FT4 (which was normal at 1.15) & like all the other specialists relies on TSH more so than anything. It's just such a hassle to say MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT WITHOUT THE ADDITIONAL T3! I just don't get it... I WISH I could take Synthroid ONLY & be fine but my hair falls out! I just HATE having to fight for proper treatment, ya know. I feel like I'm battling the dr's at times & I don't want to. I know you ladies understand.

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