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December 23rd, 2009, 02:57 PM
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Hi. Here is this...

I have thyroid disease. This can cause miscarriage. Most common is early miscarriage, but it is also linked to later term miscarriage and stillborn.

Also, with my thyroid being treated properly, heparin treatments for clotting disorders, I am still having miscarriages, along with other symptoms. I spoke with my PCP today and we are starting to think I have Celiac's Disease. After researching, this is also linked to recurrent miscarriage. It is all new info for me, but if this is indeed how to stop miscarrying, I am ready and willing. I am still in the research process, but if you are having miscarriages, it is definitely worth looking into. It IS genetic, so if anyone in your family has been diagnosed, chances are you have it too. I'm going to have my daughters and son tested so that I could prevent any future medical problems for them. It could take years to show up.

Chronic Diseases and Miscarriage Risk

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