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December 23rd, 2009, 10:07 PM
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yes, at first our unplanned baby was a devastation more than anything, we had extreme trust issues and all sorts of problems in our relationship. my SO wanted me to terminate it and i refused, a few weeks later he admitted in his heart he knew abortion wasn't the answer and that if we even left for the abortion clinic he would have turned around and not been able to go through with it. we found out today we are having a little girl and he bawled like a baby when we saw the ultrasound. he is so excited and was telling his friends/family today this is the best thing to happen to him. sometimes, things like this just take time. it took him a good month to adjust and accept it, but once he did, he wouldnt have it any other way and couldnt possibly be more supportive.

i was the same way as you, i could NOT terminate the pregnancy. i don't care if it's one day after conception - in my eyes it IS a baby already. and like mentioned above (and this is also what i told my SO...) it took both of us to make this baby, so we both need to grow up and accept the responsibility. i understand how it feels to get pregnant when it couldn't possibly be worse timing (i am 20 years old, and not done with college, for example.) but you have to do whats best for you, he MAY resent you after and I feared the same with my SO. but you know what, in my opinion i would rather have a man resent me for doing something i know in my heart is right, than doing something i feel is wrong and resent my SELF. ya know? i don't mean to sound too brash, i just know how you feel and hope i helped some.

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