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December 25th, 2009, 08:50 PM
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It's true. When DS#1 was born I had planned on BF but things happened and I had to go on heart medication. The LC that came to my room was horrible, we knew I would most likely be on blood pressure meds and not be able to BF(6 days later I was in ICU due to pregnancy related CHF) . No one came into my room and told me how much formula he should be eating or anything, not even how to prepare powdered formula or that you need to throw it out after an hour. I tried to get my 2 day old baby to drink 4 ounces of formula for two hours and cried because he only drank 1 ounce and then threw up.I was suffering from bad depression so comments about FF didn't help matters. When he was diagnosed with Autism some person on another board said it was because I didn't BF.
DS#2 was also bottle fed due to medication I had to take.

DD is BF and FF. I was able to only take a small amount of meds and was able to BF a few times a day at start. I had more support for BF than I ever did for FF. I am still doing both.

I am proud I get to BF but I am not ashamed to be FF or being a FF mom, at least my children had food and didn't get sick or die from my meds.
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