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December 30th, 2009, 12:21 AM
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Disclaimer: I don't want this to turn into a debate on if medical MJ is right or wrong, I just want input on whether or not anyone has experience with medical MJ and give any advice to me.

Long story short, I am on percocet and vicodin to control severe head pain as a result to bells palsy. I have been on a constant flow of pills daily for months... like 5 months now. My body can't handle it anymore, it's not good for me, so as much as I do not like smoking, I'm thinking medical mj might be something to look into.

My Mom has a prescription so I tried 1 hit last night, and I slept great, it got rid of the headache, and it was much better than taking even more percocet. Just for the record, my kiddo was not in my care, so I wasn't having her in my care while taking it. Just wanted to get that straight so no one is jumping on me

I don't like being stoned, it makes me feel out of control. But a small enough amount to just take the edge off might work for me, my mom agrees it'd be great, and it's MUCH better than pills. Does anyone here have any experience in getting medical mj for pain? What about the legality? I'm in a field where I need to pass a drug screen. If I told them I have a license and prescription, they couldn't deny me a job right? I read how mj can be used for problems that are debilitating, but not sure who defines what debilitating is. I can't function some days my head hurts so bad, and the pills aren't good. It is a constant headache I have, seriously it's a 24/7 headache I've had. Does that count as debilitating?

K enough rambling. Hopefully someone can have some insight!

And just to add... I'd never take it when I need to drive, or work, or be at school, or do it to get stoned where I can't take care of Lily. I'm also not doing it just so I can smoke, as I said, I hate smoking. Too much makes me feel icky. But 1 hit was just great last night and I didn't feel high, just relaxed. So please don't pounce on me about mj being wrong... I don't want this to turn into a debate
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