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December 30th, 2009, 08:12 AM
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Hi, I used to post on here but I haven't since I weaned my son almost 2 months ago. Even though I'm not BFing, I kinda feel like I can relate better here as my cycles are still being affected by the after-effects of BFing/giving birth.

Anyway, while BFing I was taking Vitamin B6 (200mg) and Vitex to try to bring on my first PPAF. It didn't work....I finally weaned on Nov.3rd, ovulated (then within a week and got my first PPAF on Nov. 21st. after a 9 day LP.

So my first PP cycle was whacky and I didn't O until CD27. I was having AF symptoms already at 5DPO, so I upped my B6 dose to 300mg and had a 11 day LP. (got AF yesterday) I really think I would have had a 8 or 9 day LP if I hadn't taken the extra B6

Anyway, I've been researching and decided I am not comfortable with taking that much B6. Even if I did get pregnant, I would worry that such a high dose would be unsafe for the baby and would be scared to quit taking it.

Sooo... I think I am going to drop back down to 100 mg B6....but I am soo worried that reducing the dosage will decrease my LP. I am *hoping* that my body is still adjusting to being done BFing/ovulating again and things will get more normal on their own.

Any thoughts/experience on this?
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