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May 12th, 2006, 09:40 PM
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ok, I hate it when people quote DR. Phil. But here goes: unless the child is currently living with you the stepparent should never do the disciplining. Your husband needs to do it! Tell DH how you feel it should be handled but he has to be the one that acts on it. KWIM? We were even told this by a family counseler when we decided to all go to family counseling but at the last moment BM backed out of letting SD go. So it ended up being DH and I and she told us how to handle a lot of situations with SD. This was one of them: discipline. I will tell her she needs to go to her room but that is the extent of it. I make DH handle it.[/b]

I hate to say it but the DR. PHil thing is true. My step kids spend the whole summer with us and I am the only one home with them during the day. I would try to ground them and such. Never spank or touch them in anyway but it didn't work out well. While my dh would tell me to handle it because when he got home from work he did not want a gripe session my ss hates me now hates his dad. Has not spoken to us in over 6 months and that was just to say thanks for buying me gifts for christmas. It is very hard for me personally because I love his children and tend to think of them as mine as well. Know I just try to stay out of everything and sometimes feel like an outsider with them. I never realized how hard being part of a blended family it would be.
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