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December 30th, 2009, 09:17 PM
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So it happened! We have had our first inquiries about when we're having a baby.. well not so much an enquiry as a request - from my FIL's long time GF! She said she wants to be a grandma. Her son was there too so I assumed she was referring to him giving her a grandchild but she mentioned us too! It was our first time in this situation and we didn't know what to say so I think we just giggled or something.. It didn't upset us but was a bit awkward because we're not telling ppl that we're TTC - except my mom and all my good friends lol

Random thoughts:

Tomorrow I'm going to work.. ick! I really wanted to play hooky but I'm the only one there from my department so it's best if I go in. It's only a half day anyway so what the heck..

I want to come up with a cleaning schedule for our apartment. It's small so there's not a whole lot to do, but I still need a schedule otherwise it becomes a disaster. So I will come up with a checklist including everything that needs to be done in the place, organized by frequency of the task and have a different checklist for every month. I will keep it in a handy place and check off when I have done something. It's the one thing I really need to do.. sometimes I feel like I'm still a kid when my place gets messy. I was the kid whose parents would plead with them to tidy the room but I almost never did lol
When my DH asked my parents' permission to marry me my mom even warned him that I don't like to clean and told him not to be hard on me lol And my dad told him I had a bad temper !! Thanks mom and dad!! Trying to sabotage me or what? My dad put him through a 3 hour grinder
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