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January 5th, 2010, 07:26 AM
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OK - so I think my body's breaking lol The last time I went to the gym was Saturday - and the backs of both my legs are STILL incredibly sore. Even after the great leg massage from DH last night. Yesterday I noticed my left elbow hurting. Today I could hardly get out of bed and I noticed both my knee joints aching. And my eyes are red (infection?). The aching joints is not from exercise though, I can tell.. it's a deeper pain right in the bone or joint. And as I was sitting on my bed this morning deciding whether I should go to work I had this weird pain shoot up my left side and end in my ribs towards the back.
Umm ... edited to add - now I'm having some pain in my neck on the left side, my left hipbone and my ribs, also on the left side - WTH!!!

I also had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I got a BFP but I wasn't sure so I went to some ladies who were either nurses or pharmacists and for some reason there was no building, only a field with lots of lush green grass and that is where they worked. I took a pregnancy test to them but they weren't sure either so they gave me another pee stick and I just walked further down the field and peed on it! Right outside! Anyways, as I was waiting for the lines to show up I some my DH and parents also walking towards us but I didn't want them to find out what I was doing so I was praying for the lines to show up already.. and I don't remember the rest.
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