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January 5th, 2010, 09:25 AM
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First Round of Clomid

1DPO - Temp rise confirms O

2DPO - Temp dip (typical fallback for me), Sore nipples & slight nausea

3DPO - Temp up (typical fallback recovery), Sore nipples & slight nausea

4DPO - Temp dip & Sore nipples

5DPO - Big Temp jump, Sore nipples

6DPO - Big Temp dip, Sore nipples, fatigue, sharp pain in lower tummy.

7DPO - Temp heads back up, Sore nipples, short sharp pains in lower tummy on same side as O pains, seemed to use bathroom more frequently.

8DPO - Highest temp all cycle, Sore nipples, beginning of breast tenderness, short sharp pains in lower tummy on same side as O pains, nausea.

9DPO - Temp still high, Sore nipples, breast tenderness with burning sensation on side of right breast, tired, nausea, frequent urination, increased appetite.

10DPO - Temp same as yesterday, Sore nipples, breast tenderness, nausea, lower back aching when I woke up, frequent urination, increased appetite.

11DPO - Temp slightly down, Sore nipples, breast tenderness, backache.

12DPO - Temp plummeted, Sore nipples, breast tenderness, bit of pink cm during BM.

13DPO - Temp ticked back up a bit, AF shows at 9pm.

Second Round of Clomid...

1DPO - HUGE Temp Rise. Confirms O.

2DPO - Smaller, but typical fallback temp. Gassy. Stomach ache. Sharp pains around right ovary. Bloated. Gassy.

3DPO - Temp rebounds. Bloated. Very gassy.

4DPO - Temp higher. Gassy.

5DPO - Temp down a bit, still gassy. Woke up with nose slightly stuffed and mouth a bit dry. Suspect mouth was open.

6DPO - Temp up a hair. Bladder bursting, Woke with nose completely stuffed and mouth wide open. Gassy. Bbs feel swollen, but not sore. Nipples are sensitive. Bloated. A LOT of Creamy CM. Fatigue.

7DPO - Nice high temp!! Bladder bursting, Bbs feel swollen, but not sore, nipples are sensitive. Lots of Creamy CM. Fatigue.

8DPO - Small dip in temp. Dizziness, Lightheaded, Queasy, Bbs still swollen but not sore. Fatigue.

9DPO - Temp up. Terrible headache, extreme nausea, Dizziness, Increased Creamy CM, Gassy. Fatigue

10DPO - Temp up, Nausea, Increased Creamy CM, Gassy

11DPO - Temp up, Nausea, Increased Creamy CM, burning sensation on side of Bbs, feel like they ache, but no actual pain when touched. Fatigue

12DPO - Temp WAY up! FF says Implantation Signs: Possibly Triphasic Day 24, Nausea, Increased Creamy CM, swollen burny bbs, no real pain, Fatigue.

13DPO - Small dip in temp, still WAY HIGH for 13 dpo! Bloated, swollen bbs, Increased Creamy CM, bit of nausea.

14DPO -

15DPO -

16DPO -

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