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January 5th, 2010, 04:37 PM
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if your teenage son or relative repeatedly misses the toilet and hits the seat, how would you handle it?
I am actually deaing with this on a daily basis ALL the time.My son (and my husband) cant seem to completely aim at the 10 inch wide pool of water at the bottom of the toilet.Anyone would think they are dealing with a 10ft long firemans hose that goes all over the place once they start to pee
I handle it by telling the to either clean up after themselfs afterwards,or SIT THE HECK DOWN!
They have a hose with a tiny single is it possible to miss the bottom of the toilet??

Do you insist that your male housemates lift the seat before aiming?
Oh they lift the seat,thats not the problem.The problem is them not aiming properly,not holding their penis as they pee,or shaking it and splashing pee all over the place once they´re done.
Ive had to wipe pee off of the walls surrounding the toilet! Thats GROSS!

Also, why do you think this happens? Is aiming too difficult for some men to pick up on?
In the case of my son and husband,they make ALOT more mess when they shake it after they´re done.It goes up the walls,onto the seat,the floor etc.I used to have a toilet seat cover and a matching mat around the bottom of the toilet,but I had to get rid of that because after a few days,its STUNK to high heavens of pee!
Cant they just wipe/dab it a little like women do?? Why must they shake it dry?? They use a towel when they get out of the shower,why cant they use paper after they pee?
I dont get men
.They come equipped with an acsesory that enables them to pee standing up,and no matter how old they get,they never learn how to control it or keep it clean *sigh*


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