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January 5th, 2010, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by M♥O♥M View Post
A steady stream of liquid coming from above into another bowl of liquid usually causes some splashing, particularly the higher the guy is. Before we painted our bathroom walls I showed my dh the splash marks and had him smell the shower curtain next to the toilet. He was sufficiently grossed out. That was with the seat up. I showed him the stains left under the seat when it was left down and he was also sufficiently grossed out (and I clean the seat every day!). So I asked him to either sit down or take over cleaning. He sits down.
How "high" is your husband? 7 ft? I am seriously asking. My DH is 6'3", our toilet is ridiculously close to the wall, and he never leaves "splash marks" anywhere. He told me to post that "it's about having good aim". Lol I wouldn't know...

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