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January 7th, 2010, 07:23 AM
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So it seems nobody can send me a PM even though I have my PM's enabled Here is a screenshot of what I have selected in my options (under User CP):

And here is the message that members get when they try and PM me:

I've done a hard refresh (F5), I've cleared my history, temp internet files and internet cache and I've rebooted and I still can't receive PM's. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!!! THANKS!!!!

ETA: that I have received PM's before but it's been quite a long time....I think the last time was in April or May!!!

Editing again to say that I can send PM's I've PMed the host of my playroom (Supermomma) many times and she gets the just fine but she can't PM me or even reply to my PMs. I'm just having all kinds of trouble!!!

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