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January 7th, 2010, 05:55 PM
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Lol I've done that a few times "I'm 23, WAIT NO! I'm 24!" I'm 24 and DH is turning 30 in 2 weeks. He's got one heck of a mid life crisis going on because of it.

He's got 3 teeth in and I can see at least 4 poking out ready to descend. 2 other places for molars look like they're swollen for teeth to start coming down but who knows, could just be swollen from the overall effect of the 4 teeth I can see. He is crawling and he's working on walking/cruising. He has almost NO interest in most of his toys because he constantly wants to move but hey, it makes for more breaks for mom lol.

The baby led weaning thing is fun but there's something to be said for the controlled part of spoon feeding! I was kind of yelled at by his first pedi for doing BLW and that was the final straw that made me switch his doc (this new one supports it and he's "old school" go figure). I let him self feed purees some times but its messy messy messy. He loves it though.

Kirsty is a cutie! How is she doing with teething and such?
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