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January 10th, 2010, 08:57 PM
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I'm Emma (26), I have one daughter - Gaby (3), and am currently pregnant with #2 (edd June 23).

1997 I was diagnosed with nocturnal grand-mal epilepsy... I had the worst sort of seizures you can have, but have only *ever* had them when I've been asleep. I was put on meds in 1997, went off them in 2001 & was seizure free for 6 years, however after I gave birth to my DD, I started having seizures again (though this time they were petit-mal seizures, not as bad as grand-mal). I was put on meds & then April? 2009 I went off the meds - and was again seizure free.

Last night I had a seizure however, and my GP has advised me to go back on anti-epileptic medication. The medication can pose a risk for abnormalities, BUT at the same time, seizures can pose a risk to the health of the baby - so either way I'm going to have a potential risk to the baby.. and I hate it. I have decided to go on the medication, and my GP has also put me on a high (5mg) dose of folic acid... The particular medication I am on is the 'best' medication to be on, for epilepsy during pregnancy (ie there are lower reported incidences of it causing abnormalities), and as it is I am on a very very low dose (about 1/4 of what a normal person would be on), so I am hoping that considering I'm out of the first trimester, that my dose is low - & that I'm on a high dose of folic acid, all will be okay.

My GP did a referral to the high risk ob clinic @ the hospital, so I'm hoping that between them, and my midwife, I will have plenty of monitoring & will have a relatively 'easy' 22-23 weeks ahead of me....

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