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May 15th, 2006, 08:08 PM
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Can I add mine here???

Here is the run-down of my labour with Max.


Went in Thursday afternoon at 2pm for induction. The midwives got me settled into my room, and then within half an hour they moved me to another room! Weird! Anyways they put the gel in, didn't hurt at all. Stung a little, but it was nothing. I was to wait till the morning and if I was dilated enough for them to break my waters they would go ahead at 6:30am.

So Friday morning they came back and checked me, and I was still not ready. Cervix not "favourable". My cervix was apparently posterior and very high, so was very hard to reach. Needless to say, just having an internal really really hurt enough for me to cry! What a sook I am. They gave me another lot of gel on Friday morning at 7am, and were to check me again at 1:30pm. I had contractions all morning, walked and walked through the hospital with mum. Really thought things were starting to happen!!

They checked me again at 1:30pm, still nothing. Soo disappointing!! They decided to use a Foley's Catheter on me which was meant to open the cervix, their last attempt at making some progress with my cervix!! They said it was a normal bladder catheter, that has a balloon on the end filled with water that would be put inside my cervix and it would sit resting on my cervix, putting pressure so that it would dilate. Putting it in was excruciating, as I was already really tender, so I asked for gas. It helped a little.

Saturday morning, they had me pack my bags up at 6:00am and took me down to delivery suite at 8:00am. At 9:00am they took the catheter out, noted I was 2cm dilated and enough for them to break my waters. Yep I am a sook, and asked for gas again while they broke my waters. What a strange feeling. I thought I would just put a pad on and it would hold. No way. I was waking around dripping like a tap that was turned on, it was so funny!! I ended up giving it and just standing on the floor with a nightie on and letting it drip. Sorry if TMI. Felt very warm and just like warm pee I guess. Didn't get any contractions, just walked around and did nothing for 2 hours.

At 11am they started the syntocinin drip to bring on contractions. Nothing happened for ages and I asked them to turn it up. At 12:30pm or there abouts the contractions were coming on great, asked for the epidural. Anesthetist came in and put it in. Stayed with me the entire labour as he knew how bad it was for me last time, he was SOO lovely. The epidural was only working on bits of my body, not on the right side, and then didn't work on one patch on my right side. He could have given me a spinal block, but it was ok, I just stuck with the gas as well.


At 3:00pm I was checked and was 10cm dilated already!! Wasn't totally effaced, was at a -1. At 3:30pm they were saying Max was really high, hasn't dropped into my pelvis at all and if he didn't they had to think about a c-section. I didn't mind at this stage, I told them if it was necessary or better for the baby go for it! At 4:00pm they checked me.. the midwife said I could either start pushing then and maybe push for a long time, or just wait a bit and see how things go. They lost the baby's heart rate on the monitor so used an internal fetal monitor. At 4:40pm, she told me I could push. I was like ok. I pushed once, not hard at all. The head popped out and she's like "Oh Hazel do you want to feel his head?? Granny, do you want to feel the head?".. I couldn't believe it. Then she said "give me a little push", ok, gave a tiny one and she said stop. She said "Put her hands under his shoulders and pull him out". I pulled him onto my belly and he was crying straight away!!! He was sooo cute!! So 2 pushes and I had my son!!!

He was covered in vernix.... Ava never had any as she was overdue and crispy, but Max was so slimy!!

I got a second degree tear and had a few stitches, nothing too bad. I started hemorrhaging though and lost close to a litre of blood. It was all a bit of a flurry at the time with docs coming in and people stitches me and mopping the floor!! Gross!! All ok though, didn't need a blood transfusion, just loads of iron tablets!!

Name: Max Timothy Megahey
Born: 26th February 2005
Time: 4:46pm
Labour: 5 hours, hospital says 3
Weight: 3.330kgs (7lb 5oz)
Height: 52cms
Days stayed in hospital: 2 for induction and 2 after birth

He is totally perfect in every way, very relaxed and peaceful and a wonderful baby. I am such a lucky mummy!!!


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