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January 11th, 2010, 11:31 AM
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Welcome to the Gifted Development Center

I've mentioned this testing center before. If anyone's curious about it or interested in going, I have some info for you that isn't on the site. I called this morning to get the ball rolling on Ben's testing (probably Sept). Here's how it works:

1. You call for info. and tell them just a tiny bit about your child so they know which forms to send (age, why you suspect giftedness, particular concerns like behavior, whether the child lives with both parents or if additional forms are necessary, etc.)

2. They mail or email the forms to you w/o obligation (a gazillion forms!!)

3. You send the forms back for review by the staff.

4. Phone consultation is set up to go over the forms and make a game plan *if* testing is recommended (even if testing isn't recommended, the phone consultation is well worth the money). The phone consultation is billed in 15 min. increments, $120/hr, and usually lasts 1-2 hours. I say "if" testing is recommended, because he said they don't always recommend it based on the responses to the form, whether testing has already been done and can just be re-calculated, etc. ... OR ... they do recommend it, but it's step 2, 3, 4 on the ladder, not step 1 (like, if your responses indicated there may be a visual or hearing problem, you'd see those specialists first)

5. If testing is recommended, you'd make an appt to come to Denver. The tests, depending on what your needs are, run in the $800-1800 range. For very young children, they usually test in 2 mornings. For older children, it's about the same time as a school day. There's also a fee for the closing consultation to go over all the results, what everything means, etc. It may or may not be recorded for listening later (highly recommended! Brain overload of information given.) You'll leave with a hand-written report, and then a full report will be mailed to you a few weeks later.

All in all, people I've talked to highly recommend it. It costs in the neighborhood of $2500-3000 when all is said and done (plus the cost of travel). Both parents are encouraged to attend, but if that's not possible, one can attend via phone conference.
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