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January 11th, 2010, 02:06 PM
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Definitely not even close to scheduling it yet. He said we'd receive the paperwork either today or tomorrow, and then we'd have to schedule a phone consultation (which dh isn't sold on, yet). Then we'd test only if they tell us we should.

As for testing here vs. schools ... this testing center is WAY more detailed. It's not just an IQ score or a screening to get into a gifted program. It's personality, learning style, hidden disabilities, etc. It's like ... how do I describe it? ... it's like the difference in going to an Optometrist vs. an Ophthalmologist. One can give you a pretty good idea about how well the majority of people are seeing, and they can even give contacts/glasses to help them see better, but for people who have specialized needs, an Ophthalmologist is the one to see them (surgeries, etc.). Does that make sense? Basically, the tests they use have a higher ceiling and lower floor. It differentiates between average, above average, gifted, highly gifted, exceptionally gifted, and profoundly gifted. Most tests stop at 140. These go over 200. The score itself doesn't matter as much as the information it provides does.

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