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January 11th, 2010, 10:13 PM
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I have my 34 week appt tomorrow with my midwife and am nervous. In my last 2 pregnancies I didn't make it past my 34 week appt. (both came at 35 weeks, last one 8 day NICU stay). I've been fairly confident that I'll make it longer this time - I've been getting weekly 17p injections since 20 weeks and I have 2 more of those left (the last one will be next wednesday). I am carrying this baby much higher than my others, and although he's dropped some - he still has more dropping to do. I just worry that since I'm so confident I still have at least a few weeks left - that she'll check me and find that I'm like 4+ cm's dilated or something. We're doing the GBS test 2morrow - With baby #5 I gave birth before getting the test and the hospital really pushed the antiobiotics - so for #6 and this one we're doing the test earlier than the typical 36 weeks. (I've never tested positive). So I'm thinking that since she'll be "in there" anyways, she may go ahead and check my cervix.

So fingers crossed that everything is still nice and closed up in there - or at least no more than 2 cm's (I tend to dilate to 2 around 28 weeks typically and stay that way til labor). I am DETERMINED to make it to February, and if I have to hang upside down for the next 3 weeks then dangit that's what I'll do lol.
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