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January 12th, 2010, 12:58 PM
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Thanks ladies. I had my appt today and things are looking good. Here's the post copied from my DDC.

My anxiety has stepped up a notch - see........with my last 2 babies I never made it past my 34 week appointment lol. And this time, I am Sooo not ready to be done yet.

But things are looking good!! I think their scale might be broken lol - for the first time this pregnancy I haven't gained since my last appointment (2 weeks ago). In fact, I actually lost half a pound this time. So my total gain right now is 43.5 lbs. Baby is still head down and shows no signs of budging so that is great. His heartrate was 150 today. Fundal height is 35.

We went ahead and did the GBS test today "just incase" I don't make it another couple weeks. Much rather have the test out of the way and not have the antibiotics pushed on me during labor just for not having the test done. She also checked me, and I am HAPPY to say that there is not much action going on in there Cervix is high, soft and only a 'fingertip' dilated. Soooo happy to hear that. Fingers crossed that this lil guy stays in at LEAST 3 more weeks.

Oh and the whole gut feeling that I've had since day 1 that he will be born on Feb. 6th..........well he is now forbidden to be born on that day lol. The midwife that I don't like is oncall that day. So he better stay put!!! He's just gonna have to come on a weekday so I can assure that MY midwife will be there

Guess that's about it - I am now down to Weekly appts and go back on Tues. Time is flying!!!
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