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January 12th, 2010, 06:01 PM
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We planned one, but things happened too fast so I didn't make it to the birth pool.

which tub did you use?
Midwife has Aquadoulas.

How did the water stay warm?
It comes with a heating system. It keeps it at the temperature of the water you put in.

When did you get out?

What if the water gets too hot?
If the water isn't hot enough you can add boiling water and if it's too hot you can just add cold water.

Did it actually decrease your labor "pains"? Did you tear?

How did you fill it and drain it?
Hers came with a fill and drain pump. Fill the bathtub with water and stick the pump in it. It transfers the water from the tub to the birth pool.

what did you do with the labor "stuff" that was probubly floating (sac/mucus ect)?
The blood will just drain with the water and you take the sac/placenta out.

was it nasty sitting in the bloody water? weren't you freezing when you got out the tub and into your bed?
N/A. But if the heater is turned up there may not be a big temperature difference.

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