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January 12th, 2010, 06:03 PM
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that's a lot of questions!! lol

I've had two waterbirths and one waterlabor/land birth. I'll use my home waterbirth to answer your questions though since its more pertinent information

which tub did you use?
The La Bassine pool, my MW provided it. I liked it a lot!

How did the water stay warm?
we filled the tub with straight hot water until it ran out and then cold water until it was a good temperature. Ever half hour or so we'd add a bit of hot water so it stayed at a good temperature for the whole time I was in (about 2.5 hours)

When did you get out? after the baby is born or after the placenta is birthed?
I stayed in the tub about 20 minutes after she was born, placenta was birthed after about 10 minutes

What if the water gets too hot?
We didn't have that problem, but you can just add some cold water to cool it down.

Did it actually decrease your labor "pains"?
Yes it did, intially the change is dramatic, but as you get into transition it hurts not matter where you are!! LOL I've never gone through transition out of the water so I'm not sure if it would be more or less painful.

Did you tear?
no. I only tore a teeny tiny bit with my second baby (also a waterbirth) but it wasn't even worth stitching, no tearing with my other two

How did you fill it and drain it?
We had the tub really close to our kitchen sink, so we bought a "leader hose" that was 6' long and attached it to our faucet and filled it that way. Draining, I'm not entirely sure because I wasn't there but I believe they used a longer garden hose and siphoned the water out into the yard.

what did you do with the labor "stuff" that was probubly floating (sac/mucus ect)? was it nasty sitting in the bloody water?
There wasn't really any blood in any of my waterbirths. With Kya there was a ton of vernix, but it actually was kinda cool, felt like I'd had a spa treatment afterwards! It didn't bother me at all.

weren't you freezing when you got out the tub and into your bed?
Nope, by the time I got out my house was over 80 degrees because of the hot water and tub so I didn't really get cold. I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower and then climbed in bed right after, so I never felt cold.

All three of my birth stories are posted in the subforum if you want to check them out Welcome!
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