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January 12th, 2010, 11:24 PM
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So my sister and I (Mike had a meeting at work and couldn't come) met with the Dr. today- a Reproductive Endocrinologist- who specializes in infertility. Couldn't say he gave us good news-- but he gave us 'a next step'. First- he did an ultrasound to look at my follicles to see if I even had any. SURPRISE!! On the right side- I had 12 and on the left side I had 8...which is excellent!! So I wont be needing Clomid for 'that reason'. He then looked at my uterus, tubes and ovaries and found that they are all looking perfect!! Nothing abnormal to report!
We then went into his office and he described to us what he thought our next steps should be. He wants both me and Mike to have some blood work done to test our hormone levels. They also want to test Mikes 'genetics' to see if that is the reason why his sperm count is so abnormal. Dr. would also like Mike to do another sperm analysis to see if his sperm has improved since July when he had his last sperm test. Anyways- so the step after the tests will all be determined upon the test results. We basically have 3 choices- One is if Mikes sperm comes back better and in the normal range, we will proceed with trying the natural way with clomid assistance. Two-If it comes back abnormal as its been since July, we will perhaps do another IUI with clomid and trigger assistannce. We also have the option of IVF- which Dr. said he would consider immediately due to us trying so many things already. But financially- we are not ready for that step.
I started Clomid today to help keep my cycles regular but as far as a plan for this month-- we're not sure yet. We'll wait to see what the test results say and we'll go from there!! I was hoping this apt would put me at ease...but its made it worse....too much to think about now.
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