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January 13th, 2010, 11:19 AM
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Well, as of yesterday evening, I have a date set for induction.

I had my NST and AFI (non stress test and fluid level check) and though my BP is great and baby is moving around and getting heart rate accelerations just as he/she should, my fluid levels were REALLY low (5.68!!!) and baby is measuring a little on the small side. I'm lucky they didn't send me up to L&D right after my appointment! I went over to my OB's office after I left the Perinatal unit, and she checked me and I'm only at 1cm and 30% effaced, and baby is still way up high, not at all engaged. So between that and the fluid levels, she isn't convinced I'm going to go into labor on my own or that baby's head will fit in my pelvis, and also feels she can't let me get past 41 weeks, so I am on the books for going in sometime on Monday to get IV pitocin, with C-section as a distinct possibility if I don't have good contractions.

I know I should keep things in perspective and be happy...the end is in sight and we'll get to meet our LO soon...but I have worked so hard for a natural birth, and been doing everything in my power to be healthy and to bring on labor, and it just all seems to be falling apart in front of my eyes, and I can't help but be terribly frustrated, scared and depressed...

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