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January 13th, 2010, 09:00 PM
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Big Big Big hugs!! I agree - even if you have to be induced you could still have a NCB. I would totally ask about the cervadil first before starting pitocin. I also don't understand why they are worried you baby won't fit through your pelvis - I mean from what I have read unless you suffered some pelvic trauma or childhood bone stunting disease the chance of the baby not fitting is super super low! Honestly I think it's a dumb doctor theory for why stuff doesn't work exactly how they expect it too. You aren't going to grow a baby your body can't birth - your body know what it's doing!!!
Ok - sending happy labour vibes and big hugs. Follow your instincts - you have your natural birth in your heart - give yourself the permission to do whatever you need to do to have a good labour - be it all natural , part natural or more medical.

Thank you Kiliki for my first beautiful Siggie!

mom of 2 angels and an earth baby
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